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Biomagnetism [Webinar of Luis Garcia by Dr Christine Schaffiner]
Dr. Schaffner: Welcome everyone, I’m here with Dr. Luis Garcia and we’re going to be talking about Biomagnetism, Bioenergy and Beyond.
Biomagnetism Therapy and PH Balance [Part 2/7]

Dr. Schaffner: So you brought in this idea of hydrogen and pH. And maybe for the average listener, they don’t understand how those are connected

Lymph drainage in Biomagnetism Therapy | [Part 3/7]
Dr. Schaffner: Thank you for sharing all that. And I’m glad you touched on this whole idea of setting the foundation for our health and this whole idea of excess acidity .
[Part 4/7] | How Dr Luis Garcia figured out Biomagnetism?
Dr. Schaffner: That's a fun story. And what I'm thinking too is you know, the magnet pairs seem kind of like a simple a pretty elegant, but very simple technique and you've studied.
Biomagnetism Therapy Heals Chronic illness | [Part 5/7]

Dr. Schaffner:Yeah. It’s a wonderful personal journey. And obviously, you know, your patients tell you every day to stick with this and the results you’re seeing.

Future of Biomagnetism Therapy | [Part 6/7]

Dr. Schaffner:Dr. Schaffner: And I love that you shared this framework. I have a similar understanding of — you know, what our patients are going through too

Get trained in Biomagnetism Therapy | [Part 7/7]
Dr. Schaffner:Well, I really appreciate you sharing all of your knowledge and your passion and these stories. And through this summit, we’re getting the word out.